Investors will find at EnerKite high-potential products, an extraordinary team and well connection with the windenergy community. Financial support from shareholders, venture capital and corporate venture capital is more than welcome for the market introduction of scalable products and the upscaling into the megawatt range.

For detailed informationen and our business plan we kindly ask you to fill out and sign the non disclosure agreement.pdf and sent it via Fax to EnerKite +49 33203 182589.

In addition please sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and briefly describe your interest in supporting EnerKíte.

We are eligible for grants in the support programme "INVEST - Zuschuss für Wagniskapital" of the german Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft. Thus it is possible to recieve an immediate refund on the invested amounts of 20 % and secure another 80% in terms of tax reductions at exit (Exit-Bonus). Our support identifier is 37156.

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