EnerKite and our proposal „AWESOME“ are one of the winners of the H2020 SME instrument call. The Grant agreement with the EU Commission was signed a few days ago.  Awesome stands for: "Airborne Wind Energy and Storage system for Off-grid and Mobile Electricity“ 

With a funding rate of 70%, EnerKíte will receive a € 2.3 Mio grant for our innovation and product development. This will allow to boost our performance from early 2019 on during the next years and to secure new resources for a long-lasting success.

EnerKíte’s score was 14.62 out of 15. The Jury members - recruited out of VCs and Experts - wrote in their evaluation:

  • The team has the motivation and technical capacity. Raising private funding has also been demonstrated as well as the ability to integrate senior executives into the team.
  • The commercialization strategy is sound, with proven early pilots financed by the customers. The financial projections and planning are realistic.
  • Due to the high demand of the off-grid market, the time is right for this innovation. The application of the technology will be disruptive and create a new market category.
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Left: Claus and Alexander after pitching EnerKite in Brussels    ---  Right:  Our team in full excitement after reception of the EU letter.


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