At the Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC) 2019 in Glasgow, EnerKíte has shown the stable control of a kite rotating at long tethers for launch and landing for the first time. This is a significant milestone and proof of our unique approach and design choices. We have accomplished more than a thousand launches and landings in 500 hours of testing in the field. We are excited about the tremendous feedback we received from our industry partners, academia, and even from competitors.

The Airborne Wind Energy Conference or simply AWEC is the leading event for the emerging airborne wind energy sector. It brings together top industry players, leading start-ups, engaged academia, early-stage investors, and other stakeholders to present and discuss progress in all aspects of this innovation on its way to market. This year about 230 participants from more than 20 countries have attended the AWEC. The number of attendees has grown over the years. As the airborne wind energy industry comes closer to commercialization it attracts more attention, public and industrial support, and investments from all around the globe. 

Enerkite has contributed to each single AWEC since 2009. In 2013, the EnerKíte EK30 secured the electricity supply for the AWEC outdoor event on the Tempelhof airfield, right in the heart of Berlin - a world premiere. By then, the soft kites were started and landed manually. Our clients however require fully automated procedures and durable and efficient components including the wings. 

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         Alexander Bormann, CEO, Enerkite GmbH

We have again highlighted that our design choices are driven by our commitment to deliver an up-scalable, dependable, and clean source of electricity that works almost everywhere in the world. Consequently, our wings are both simple and very robust and ultra-light and must be launched and landed and controlled solely from the actuators/generators from the ground.

Enerkite Alexander Bormann with AWEC 2019 Participants M

Participants of AWEC 2019 Glasgow


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