It was again a great pleasure to be part of the Ecosummit 2020.
The Ecosummit Zoom Event on August 4, 2020 again brought many important players to a digital table.

During the event, Alexander Bormann from EnerKíte presented our current pitch to almost 60 participants. The focus was on commercialisation and market entry, after EnerKíte has been moving clearly towards market entry since last year. These steps were possible with the breakthrough in the concept proof of the rotation start, the team building and the development of the EK200 FP prototype.  In addition to the pilot activities with the EK200 FP, EnerKíte intends to raise funds from strategic investors for scaling and industrialization.

The feedback from the participants in this ecosummit was consistently positive. Our clear vision, the persistence in the implementation and the first successes were acknowledged by the experts.  

But just as important as addressing professional investors is the support of our crowd investors. We remain excited about the launch of our crowdfunding campaign EnerKíte 2020.


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