The annual tech conference Web Summit is opening from December 2-4 this year and will be welcoming over 100,000 attendees from more than 150 countries around the world online. Climate Change has become an increasingly important issue at this event. Thus EnerKite was invited and qualified as a TechForGood company, and attends for the first time. The welcoming address by Ursula von der Leyen made clear that the Green Deal needs both massive efforts in the society, the renewable energy sector and in the field of digitalization. We at EnerKite believe that our unique airborne wind energy solution – which can save more than 90% of the material resources while producing twice as much electricity per power installed compared to wind turbines - represents a perfect match and opportunity for both impact- and strategic investors now.

Web Summit is the largest tech conference in the world hosting over 2,500 startups, 1,250 investors and 2,000 journalists for networking and business purposes this year. Participants coming from different countries such as China, the UK, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand and the United States will be joining the event in an unusual way and exchange their tech-related ideas. According to Paddy Cosgrave, the co-founder and CEO of the Web Summit, the company is fully prepared for the virtual event as it has been "building software that enables virtual events for over half a decade," and the platform will let people from all over the world make meaningful and valuable connections. 

EnerKite has been invited to present our compelling investment case at pre-revenue stage and our MVP for dependable clean energy solutions, producing affordable and baseload-capable airborne wind energy.

The world-level major online conference will help EnerKíte in an efficient and climate friendly way, to talk to investors to fund the market entry and support our pilot projects in 2021.


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