Enthusiasts, Experts and Entrepreneurs

Alexander Bormann, CEO EnerKite

Alexander Bormann, Dr.-Ing.
Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Energy Visioner, Enthusiast. Works in aeronautics since 1985 and in wind energy since 1995

Bernhard Kämpf

Bernhard Kämpf, Dr.-Ing.
Co-founder and Partner for controls and quality. Entrepreneur. Leading functions and contributions in industry projects. Founder and Head of a+i

christian gebhardt

Christian Gebhardt, Dipl.-Des.
Co-founder, Industrial Designer, Kite Designer for over 20 years, Holds Kite Speed World Record.


Stefan Skutnik, Dipl.-Ing.
Aeronautical Engineer, Universal Expert for Aerodynamics, Electrical Engineering, IT and just about everything else.


Peter Kövesdi, Dipl.-Ing.
Mechanical Engineer, „Constructeur Creatíf“ at EnerKite since 2007. Specialty: Winches and Gearing.

Busso von Bismarck

Busso von Bismarck, Dipl.-Ing.
Head of Business Development. Since 2007 in the field of energy storage technologies and renewable energy. Co-founder of QINOUS (today Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin)

Martin Hauptmann

Martin Hauptmann
Head of IT


Max Ranneberg, Dipl.-Math.
Mathematician, Simulation, and Control


Olivia Wandrey
Accountancy, Purchase and Sales


Hauke Herschel, M.Eng.
Mechanical Design and Tests


Burkhard Rieck, M.Sc.
Measurement and Electronics


Florian Breipohl, Dipl.-Des., Dipl.-Ing.
Wing Design and Wing Construction


Ashwin Candade, M.Sc.
Aeronautical Engineer. EU Ph.D. Researcher (AWESCO/TU Delft). Modeling and Optimization of the Wing Structure

Ferdinand Hansen

Ferdinand Hansen
Wing Production and Repair

Matthias Buechel

Matthias Buechel, B.Eng.
Wing & Laminate Production

Max Steinmeier

Max Steinmeier
Student Assistant, Laminate Production

Alexander Pertsch

Alexander Pertsch, Dr.-Ing.
Development Engineer and Software Architect.

Amir Pasagic

Amir Pasagic, Dipl.-Ing.
Controls & Software Development

Nicole Allgaier

Nicole Allgaier, M.Eng.
Project Engineer

Horst Mäder

Horst Mäder, B.Sc.
Measurement and Electronics

Lukas Hadasch

Lukas Hadasch, B.Sc.
Control, Simulation and Test



20 years of interdisciplinary expertise, respect for the environment and technology and the art of achieving inconceivable goals in suitable steps characterize the holistic way of thinking and working at EnerKite. EnerKite works on the lasting success of its products and services and is dedicated to respectful cooperation with partners and suppliers. New ideas are implemented and led to maturity by keeping functionality as well as practicality in mind. Transparency, networking, solution-oriented processes and fair exchange are the cornerstones our work ethic.



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