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The EnerKíte team invites to support us with investments and strategic partnerships.

EnerKíte research and development efforts are supported by federal as well as regional funds granted by the state of Brandenburg.



We constantly seek sponsors and supporters with common development goals and long-term partnerships in mind. Sponsors benefit from the appeal of advertising via a renewable energy company in a field that is receiving more and more attention. Your involvement is acknowledged through specific expertise, financial-, media- or political support.

Force sensors, amplifiers, straingages
Precise Ultrasonic Sensors
Covering of the Future
High performance membranes for our wing technology
Developing Renewables - with perfect risk managment
Liros - Dyneema Ropes
Pullwinded CFK Tubes
CAN Bus Controlinterfaces
Daylight Controlinterface and Display
Battery and Electrical systems
Compact angular sensors with CANopen connection
Artificial grid and off-grid solutions
Reliable SELV and PELV
   WFBB Dach DE Vollv Web rgb
Brandenburg State Bank and WFBB grant KMU R&D funds
Circuit and board layout with Target 3001 professional
Creative Precision & Rapid Prototyping with Solid Edge ST
PM and resource management using Merlin Software
Benjamin Hampel
supports EnerKíte with a donation of 2000 EUR

Partners in Industry

Compact High-Performance Drives and Controls
Controls- and monitoring systems
Market leader in performance kite construction
Analytic and toolbased methods for system design
Aerospace Textiles, Small Wind Turbines, Energy- and Material efficiency optimisation
EASA 21J.411 certified development partner for high-performance carbon structures
leading lithium battery solutions

Financing Partners

venture capital experts with an innovative approach to crowdfunding and crowdinvestment
professional support in acquisition and generation of the business and finance plan
versatile finance and advice specialist with experience in gas and oil industry

Research Partners

Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Acustics
Institute of Civil Engineering
Institute of Bionics and Evolutionary Technics
Dept. VII Electrical- and Precision engineering
Regenerative Energy Systems
Field tests, sonic and power measurements
Research partner within the ATOLAG R&D programme
Advanced rope designs and testing

EnerKite research and development efforts are supported by federal as well as regional funds granted by the state of Brandenburg.



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